Is it possible to integrate Logseq TODO with Nextcloud task manager?

Hello everyone,

Whenever I create a TODO task on Logseq or finish a task with DONE, I want it to be synchronized with the task manager of Nextcloud. I use different programs to keep track of tasks like Errands on Desktop or Tasks on Android which all use Webdav to sync the tasks with reminders, subtasks which is all hosted in a Nextcloud instance.

I write some tasks on Logseq and they don’t show up in the task managers that I use. Would it be possible to have the tasks I write in Logseq to somehow show up on the other task managers by synching with Nextcloud?

Not out of the box AFAIK. Looking at Tasks it uses CalDAV so you could maybe write code that parses your logseq files and creates caldav entries for each taks it finds