Is it possible to open a page in the sidebar from the graph view?


I wanted to ask if it is possible to open a page directly in the sidebar from the graph view? I can do this on normal links by shift+click, but this feature doesn’t work for the graph?

When I work on my graph, sometimes I see new connections, want to link pages, want to edit something,…however I can only open on page at a time, edit this page, and reopen the graph view and lose the position/order I created before. This is somehow very frustrating

Could not find anything here in the forum or docs.



Great suggestion - I could not find a way to do this. Any issues with me changing you post for Question to Feature Request?


Sure. Let’s make this a feature request.

Can try this plugin: GitHub - hkgnp/logseq-randomutils-plugin: logseq-randomutils-plugin and use Ctrl Shift o to open in sidebar.

Thanks. I tried the plugin, but it doesn’t solve my problem. It does not work in the graph view :frowning: .

Apologies, didn’t read the part about graph view.