Is it possible to open a page in the sidebar from the graph view?


I wanted to ask if it is possible to open a page directly in the sidebar from the graph view? I can do this on normal links by shift+click, but this feature doesn’t work for the graph?

When I work on my graph, sometimes I see new connections, want to link pages, want to edit something,…however I can only open on page at a time, edit this page, and reopen the graph view and lose the position/order I created before. This is somehow very frustrating

Could not find anything here in the forum or docs.



Great suggestion - I could not find a way to do this. Any issues with me changing you post for Question to Feature Request?


Sure. Let’s make this a feature request.

Can try this plugin: GitHub - hkgnp/logseq-randomutils-plugin: logseq-randomutils-plugin and use Ctrl Shift o to open in sidebar.

Thanks. I tried the plugin, but it doesn’t solve my problem. It does not work in the graph view :frowning: .

Apologies, didn’t read the part about graph view.

While viewing graph there is no way to open the page in Side pane without closing Graph. Even Shift Click doesn’t work.

Due to this any linking on page requires lot of back and forth between Graph and Pages.

Any way to solve this or any feature request for same ?

I had asked the same question, and there is no option at the moment.

I think we should make this a feature request?

Hi @Ed_Nico, could you please proceed with that change? Or should we open a new thread ourselves?

Liked your post. Yes we should convert to feature request and add our votes.

Done - sorry for the delay