Is it possible to select and tag multiple blocks at once?

Say I have seven different blocks on a page and I realize they all have something in common; I’d like them to be tagged with the same tag. Is there an easy way to select them all and apply a tag?

  • To multi-select, try Ctrl + click and Shift + click.
    • Their functionality is only partial.
  • To do something to every block in a selection:
    • I’m only aware of:
      • all the functions available in the context menu (right-click)
      • Tab / Shift + Tab to indent / unindent
        • only some combinations work
    • Plugins and custom code can apply many more things.
  • Nevertheless, tagging multiple blocks doesn’t sound like the right thing to do.
    • Should normally gather them and tag their common parent.

If you can’t find any other way to do it and you or someone else wants it, I can create it as a plugin.

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That would be appreciated, thank you!