Is there a definitive docs on syncing and multi-computer use?

I’ve read many of the help topics, but cannot seem to locate a single place that describes what syncing methods are available and how they function. I know git was an option but I don’t actually know if its intended to be supported in the future or it was just during development,.

In otherwords what are best sync practices today.

My primary use case is pretty simple

  • Use logseq on my iMac most of the time.
  • Use the same logseq files on my macbook when I’m at a remote office
  • Additionally I’m trying to limit the cloudservices I use so as to simplify my life and know where things are located; and not pay every cloud service because I have 5GB here and 15GB there etc…

Not an expert and just sharing what is working for me:

  • Install the iOS app.
  • Select the Logseq folder under iCloud Drive.
  • Install the macOS app.
  • Select the same folder as before.
  • Ensure that iCloud Drive is enabled in phone’s settings when using mobile data.

This way I use Logseq on my MacBook Pro and iPhone. I haven’t tried using another Mac computer but am sure it will work fine as long as you aren’t editing the same page on more than 1 device at any given time.

For definitive sync, you could subscribe to the official sync service which costs $5 a month.

At this time, I don’t see a need for it for my usage.

I’d love to hear options for Windows/Linux & Android.

Check out the Hub. There are articles on setting up your own sync with:

On the mac I’ve discovered a .logseg directory in my home directory. This seems to include info about my configuration.edn and all the plugin info. If using the sync feature for your graph, you still need to manually keep this directory in sync across multiple mac machines.

While I get the idea that it doesn’t make sense to backup the plugin code as part of the graph sync, it would be nice if the configs themselves were somehow stored with the sync’ed graph. Then logseq could detect if the local machine was missing configured plugins and ask the user if they want to download them.