Is there a full doc about SCHEDULED?

Hi, I am new with logseq, I tried to setup weekly & monthly scheduler, but seems it is a bit complicated than expected…

I am looking for a full introduction on Schedule, but I didn’t find it.

I would like to know is there any difference between:

  • regular block + SCHEDULED

fox example, if I want to setup:

  • a weekly scheduler to show up on every Thursday
  • a monthly scheduler to show up on every 20th of the month
    how to do with them?

Thanks for any hints

So here’s the official documentation for this:

Technically scheduled can be added to any block, with or without a repeater.
However to make a schedule repeat there needs to be an action that will trigger this repeating behavior.
And so the actual repeating behavior only works when it is on a task and you mark it as done. This is the trigger which will change the scheduled date based on the repeater set.

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Thank you for your reply, the doc you referred I read it before, it is not helping much.

But the Trigger you mentioned may really help, I will try it out, and once I got it clear in action, i will summarize it here.

Thank you again!

If you have any specific questions based on the available information that is not clear, let me know!

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@Siferiax will do, thank you, have a nice day!

hi all,

regarding “schedule + monthly repeater”, and after a period of trying, here is my brief…

i reset default config.edn 7 days to “1 day” ahead at 2 places:

  • NEXT: “:inputs [:today :2d-after]”
  • SCHEDULED & DEADLINE: “:scheduled/future-days 1”

above are not very necessary, but will make the following job easier…

setup the starting point of the fixed tasks:

  • jump into the date journal in the PREVIOUS MONTH
  • todo + “my task” + schedule + monthly repeater

after it, the task will show up in today’s “SCHEDULED & DEADLINE”, whenever the date it is…which is very confusing to beginners :hot_face: … (i already set 1 day ahead, why a task on 15th shows up here $#%^ ?), the tasks show there because they were unchecked tasks of last month, and accordingly you need to click the “checkbox” in front of the TODOs one by one (not the TODO, otherwise it will trigger doing), and each with just one gentle click …

thus will reschedule them into this month task, most of them will go away and only those within 1 day ahead, will show up in today’s SCHEDULED & DEADLINE, so far so good…


  • do not turn TODO into DONE, as it will terminate the task, and it will not come back
  • the scheduled task will never show up in the journals (except in the starting journal), which was very confusing to me :hot_face:, they will only notified in the SCHEDULED & DEADLINE section on due day
  • if a monthly task not checked at the checkbox, it keeps showing there, (which is good for reminding)
  • one checked, the task disappears and will automatically show up again next month, (which is what i am looking for)

Not necessary and may lead to confusion. Might be better to make a special page for repeating tasks.

It will show everything that is scheduled, unless it is in “the future”, here defined as 1 day ahead.

This is probably because the next query is not working as you may expect.
For that I have an alternative:

Also it will not create blocks in your journal pages ever. See a journal page as just a special regular page. So it will only have blocks on it you create. Using queries in the config file will show them on the most recent journal page, but no more than that.

This leads back to my earlier point that making repeating tasks on a journal page may lead to confusion.

Hope that gives some extra insights!

hi Siferiax,

thank you for your suggestion, so far the system works for me fine, i will look back to this thread later on

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