Is there a plugin to complete the brackets ( [[ ), when I type it

Does anyone know, if there is a plugin out there, that can complete the brackets, so when I type [[ ist makes [[]] out of it and the cursor remains between the brackets.
This is a huge problem for me, is there a plugin to solve it ?
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have you tried using logseq? this is the default behavior already. there’s no need for plugins for this.

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In my Logseq this does not work. I don’t have any idea why ? One Day it worked, but then it stopped working, but I haven’t changed anything. Do you know what I could do

  1. Did you install plugins such as Smart Typing? In my experience it could interfere and cause bugs if not configured right. I recommend disabling all plugins and try again.
  2. Do you use a text expanding software such as Espanso? Something like that is possible to override logseq and cause bugs.
  3. Does the [[ in your original post mean the Chinese 【【 perhaps? It is true that the Chinese 【【 doesn’t auto-convert to [[ and auto-close. I think this is deep in the developers’ backlog which won’t get fixed anytime soon. The Smart Typing plugin works for things like this. Alternatively you can try software outside logseq like the Espanso mentioned above.