Is there a possibility of easy syncing?

I like the interphase of LogSec much better than that of Obsidian. However, there are two things I miss:

  1. A simple way for us not tech nerds to sync between devices like the one there is in Obsidian.
  2. The possibility to open additional workspaces that there is in Obsidian.
    Otherwise I think that the interphase is much better than Obsidian.
  1. Logseq has a sync service in beta that is available to Backers (5$/month) and Supporters (15$/month) on OpenCollective. Once the beta testing ends, it will be available as a paid service, just like Obsidian’s. The team has not shared what the final price will be. I don’t know how much time it will takes to be out of the beta phase but I can say the service works decently well at the moment.

  2. If you mean opening multiple “graphs” (i.e. what Obsidian calls “vaults”), it is possible: in the left sidebar there is a dropdown menu to add more folders as graphs, switch graphs and open a new window. If you Shift+click on a graph name, it will be opened in a new window.