Is there a recommended way to add metadata?

What is the recommended method for adding metadata to pages?

I’ve seen these options, so I’m unsure which I should be using:

  • use 3 dashes — before and after the block
  • use ` before and after the block
  • use : before and after the identifier, like :tags:
  • use hashes and PROPERTIES elements, like this:

:tags: DN, Daily
:template: Daily Note

Is there a way that’s recommended that will be consistent as the app grows and evolves?

Hi @MikeBee, we just released Logseq Canary which is the future of Logseq and will soon be merged into the stable app. It has a new (hopefully) better syntax for properties. See the changelog here: Logseq: A local-first knowledge base.

Do notice that the canary version may lose or corrupt data. Back up before trying it.

Thanks I downloaded it and am trying it out. Note that I use the git storage option, so as I understand it, the desktop does not support that storage. Do you know if that will be added any time soon?

even if the desktop app doesn’t feature native github sync, you can install github desktop or git cli to sync your local folder

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