Is there a way to archive a page or whiteboard and all assets after a finished project to boost logseq perfomance?

Can i a person just activate the page to be archived and not loaded just like we do when we make a page invisible or visible during publishing, like this:

Spiller inn 2023-07-28 112130


I don’t know of a built-in way, but each page/whiteboard/asset is a separate file, so copying each one in a folder of your choice and then deleting the original from within Logseq should achieve the same result.

Having said that, I personally use a separate graph for each project (not putting everything in a single page), plus one meta-graph for the surface of the projects and any relationships among them. That way I don’t have everything available at the same time, but I avoid the noise and I never have to worry about loading too much.

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In the config.cdn file (edit in settings), it has an entry called hidden for ignoring files and directories. That might be what you’re looking for - giving you an archive folder in your existing directory structure.

 ;; Exclude directories/files.
 ;; Example usage:
 ;; :hidden ["/archived" "/" "../assets/archived"]
 :hidden []