Is there a way to filter flashcards?

Is there a way to filter flashcards?
If so, how?

Yes there is, you would create groups of cards by tagging them, and then reviewing the cards with the specific tag:

- {{cards([[testgroup1]])}}
- {{cards([[testgroup2]])}}
- Subject 1: [[testgroup1]]
	- What is this? #card
		- This is a test
- What is this then? #card
	- This is a second card
- Subject 2 [[testgroup2]]
- More questions? #card
	- Yes, it is so

You can also tag an individual card:

- What is a gerund? #card #grammar
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You can use {{cards + [[query]]}} (ex. {{cards [[logseq]]}}) to filter flashcards with tags

There are two ways to add tags to card

  1. add tag after #card
- my flashcard #card #logseq
	- answer
  1. nested (note: you can’t add tag after card)
- Subject 1: [[logseq]]
	- my flashcard #card
		- answer


Is there a way or workaround to add multiple tags to a section of cards other than taggin them one by one?
Suppose i have thousands of cards, it really would be frustrating to have to tag them individually

This is an example, i even tried to reference properties without success, like in
{{cards (property state mx ) }}

Try to add multiple nested tags doesn’t work, but add them to each card one by one does