Is there a way to make whiteboards programmatically?

Hi I was looking for a way to create a whiteboard from a script.
I’d like the idea to use whiteboard as a views of the graph, e.g. if I am studing a writer a want a whiteboard that display all related blocks.
I don’t truly understand yet the architecture of Logseq, if some one could kick me in the right direction would be awesome.


  • Typically, a whiteboard in Logseq is an .edn file.
    • This file is inside the folder whiteboards
      • This folder is inside the folder of any graph that contains whiteboards
    • If you can work with such a format, you can make a script that outputs any whiteboard inside that folder.
  • To learn that format, could:
    • begin with the file of an empty whiteboard
    • make small incremental changes through the GUI
    • observe the changes in the file
  • To connect the whiteboard from/to other blocks, should use Logseq’s API.

Thank you Mentaloid!