Is there a way to move a hover window to the side pane?

If I hover over an internal link then a window pops up showing me the contents of the linked file. In some cases I would then like to either:

a) Switch to that file
b) Open the file in the side pane.

I can’t see how to do that though (assuming it’s even possible). Does anyone have a workflow to do this easily ?


I would love it if this were possible. I don’t know if it is. I was hoping to work around this by opening the block containing the link in the side bar, and then clicking it there, But even when the link is in the sidebar, the linked page still opens in the main window.

I don’t know if this will suit your purposes, but I did find a workaround that might work for you: Do a search for the page/link name. If you get more than one result, look for the one that has the page name with a “P” in a square next to it. Then either Shift+Click or Shift+Enter and it will open in the right sidebar.