Is there a way to paste text without separation into blocks?

I’d like to paste text with a lot of line breaks but all into one block. Currently if I try and paste text that has line breaks, each paragraph gets converted into its own block


Multiline text does paste into a single block on Logseq 0.7.5 on Mac and Android. Not sure about Windows.

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here’s a trick. Create a block quote ``````, paste into it, then remove the quotes


I’ve had the best luck using quote blocks.


My quote

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I need the opposite behaviour… I want to paste multi-line text, and that every line becomes a block… but no luck!


any idea how to reverse that (i.e. past text with each line as a separate block)?

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Regarding multi-block pastes have you tried the plugin paste-more? It usually does a good job of breaking things up into separate blocks for me.

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As far as my testing with Logseq 0.8.2 I find Cmd V will paste separate blocks for each text line, and Cmd Shift V pastes all text lines into single block on Mac