Is there an upper limit to the number of pages in logseq?

I just started using logseq and I found that all its pages are in the pages directory. The OS seems to have some upper limit on the number of files per directory, so is there also an upper limit on the number of pages logseq can create?
Also, is there an upper limit on performance until the OS limit is reached? For example, I have a directory that stores common files with about 26,000 files in it, and it takes me about 3 minutes to get into this directory.

So, for logseq, what is the maximum number of pages that can be created and whose performance is acceptable? Thanks!


Hi Jason,

I just saw a YouTube by Ramses Oudt that discussed this Logseq Office Hours — January 27th, 2022 - YouTube

Answer of course depends, but he said at 10,000 heavily linked pages performance was severely affected.

It’s from January 27, 2022 so the answer may have changed.


With the current design, it is estimated that there is no solution to this performance problem.
If we want to completely solve the performance problem after the knowledge base grows, we guess we need to use database. I don’t know when the development team will release the database version.

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Its a graph traversal problem really so it’ll probably end up scaling with linear time that is say past a certain point it with take longer and longer to retrieve a given page