Is this forum still active?

I bumped into logseq a few weeks ago, and since then, I have been catching up with youtube content about logseq. I watched tools on tech, one stuttering mind, and the official logseq youtube channels.

In the official youtube channel for logseq, I have watched all the contents. I have also tried to follow @Ramses 's sprint session about queries.

However I find a few things out-of-the-ordinary:

  • the sub-forum heading for the “queries sprint session” has been changed since then
  • the forum threads that I read has some big durations of no-activity. Especially between Nov '22 and the spring of '23 seems strangely void in postings here.
  • I do not get replies to my questions

All these lead me to ask the following questions:

  • Is @Ramses still with the Logseq team?
  • Is this forum still being used, or does most of the convo/Q&A/etc. take place in discord? If so, that’s a pity because I don’t have discord account (nor I want to create one) and discord threads are not indexable by the search engines, thus offering low discoverability.
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  • The forum is active.
  • Old threads don’t attract much attention.
  • Discord has more activity.
  • Use what works for you.
  • Keep your expectations low.
  • Patience pays off.
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Use those as a starting point and look further around the forum for specific things/help when stuck.
Feel free to tag me for help with query questions :slight_smile:

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I keep an eye on the forum, just don’t answer often. I do use logseq extensively both at work and in my personal life.

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Wrapping up my holiday so should be more active following week again. Usually try to read the new threads once a week.

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Since you don’t want to use discord, you can try the subreddit

I am reddit-awerse, as well. I like discourse as a forum software, afaik, it is free software. If I will ever use something like reddit, I would prefer Lemmy instead.