Issue with colons in filenames on Windows (and Git)

I’ve got a broken logseq at this point for Windows… the error I get now when trying to pull the latest changes from my Git repo (last pushed from Linux) is: error: unable to create file logseq/bak/ Invalid argument.

For some reason, even setting git config core.protectNTFS false does not allow me to create this file.

It seems like this file is a backup of some kind? I may have inadvertently added it because there are often straggler files that aren’t checked in automatically by logseq itself - so I do manual commits usually when I exit the program. (I try to avoid merges due to the issues discussed in Format pages-metadata.edn before saving.) In other words, this may be something I added, and that logseq would not have added.

At this point, I can think of fixes that are mildly annoying, but possible:

  1. git filter-branch
  2. Re-clone on WSL2 (this is a large dependency if you don’t already use WSL for something else)

But before that - I assume it’s safe to filter-branch and remove anything in a bak directory?

It was easier for me to move my repo to WSL2, so I just did that.

I also deleted the bak/ directory from my repo (there was even an uncommitted / recently changed file on my Linux workstation since I wrote this). Deletion didn’t seem to have created any problems.