It is possible to create pages with partial names

When I select All pages in the left sidebar, I see a lot of pages with partial names. I used to keep deleting them, but I realized it’s a fool’s errand.

The partial empty pages are created if you create internal links by typing within double brackets and you type spaces within the brackets.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Type [[]].
  2. Type test within the brackets.
  3. Type a space within the brackets.
  4. Type word within the brackets – so what you see in Logseq is [[test word]].
  5. Search for the word test – notice you get two results: test and test word.
  6. Delete the [[test word]] link and search for the word test – notice you are still shown the two results even if the link that created them is no more. (Maybe I should open a separate bug report for this.)
  7. Check All pages in the left sidebar – notice the pages test and test word appear there even if the link that created them is no more.

Note: The problem does not appear if you start by typing the words, test word, and then add brackets around them.

I wish I could delete all the empty pages that do not have corresponding links without having to access them individually.

Yeah, it’s not an end-of-the-world kind of bug, but certainly a nuisance. If I neglect to remove orphans for a few days, these partial titles lead to an unwieldy mess in search results.

I guess it’s just a matter of requiring the closing ]] and waiting for the cursor to exit the link when recognizing page titles, so it shouldn’t be too long before it gets fixed.

For me this happens as well and not only when typing space. It seems to be arbitrary. It seems to be less if I am typing fast, as soon as there is brief break in typing partial name pages will be created. It happens when I am typing in the [[]] brackets. It also happens when typing tags:: at the beginning of a page.

I have a pretty fast processor (AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor, 3500 Mhz) but any timing should be on a standardized clock so device independent and then all users should have it. I am on Windows 10.0.19043 Build 19043. I am on 0.4.5 (but I think it happened 0.4.4 as well).

Still similar in 0.4.6. I did not find anything related on the Trello-Board, so it may be still unknown. But even though the Window exe says 0.4.6 the folders/files in the app still say 0.4.5.