It takes 7 seconds to see the popup menu when I right-clicked a block

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to migrate my note system from Roam to Logseq - mainly to use the graph view feature.

After successfully importing all my 1800+ notes to Logseq, I found that it took 7+ seconds to get the popup menu when I right-clicked any bullets in my notes.

When trying to search for something, it also took more than 5 seconds to show the results.

And simple hit “ENTER” to create a new block also took a 1-second delay.

So I did an experiment - I created a new graph with 0 note and create a new note. It was blazing fast and responsive.

So I asked my friends who had migrated from Roam to Logseq if they had the same issue.

  • One of them said he migrated his 1300+ notes and had no performance issue.
  • Another one of them said he migrated his 600+ notes but he’s still been experiencing a similar performance issue like me.

Now I have to go back to Roam but I’m willing to move to Logseq if this issue is resolved.

Any clues?

Thank you for this post. I have marked this as a bug, as I agree - it should not take that long for the pop up menu to appear. Is there any chance you would also be able to copy and paste the above in a GitHub issue? Issues · logseq/logseq · GitHub - will make it easier for the devs to track.

If your version is 0.5.6, updating it to 0.5.7 will fix this.

For the pop up menu, update to the latest version or downgrade to 0.5.5.

For the poor enter performance. Hit refresh. It should be located under the database switcher window underneath reindex.

You should also probably reindex

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Upgrading to 0.5.7 version has solved this issue! Thank you so much guys!

  • Tae
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