It would be nice to introduce namespaces

For example, I am learning psychoanalysis, and there is a word called absence, which is a term in psychoanalysis. I use it as a page However, I will also use the term “absense” in other fields, so that a page will be referenced by many different fields.

So I need to use namespace: [[psychoanalysis/absence]]. But if there is a block that is completely about psychoanalysis, it would be too troublesome for me to add a namespace to every reference.

So I wonder if there is any mechanism similar to “using namespace psychoanalysis” or “import * from psychoanalysis” to introduce the namespace, which can save a lot of effort and make it comfortable to read. I can add a using:: psychoanalysis in the parent block and use[[absence]] to link the page [[psychoanalysis/absence]] in its children nodes.

This is an immature idea. I don’t know if this mechanism will cause other problems.

What you could do is go to the psychoanalysis/absence page and add an alias:: absence property.
This way both [[absence]] and [[psychoanalysis/absence]] will refer to the same page.

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I would just use ordinary links, if your main goal is better readability:

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