It's possible tu use a property of the page as "parameter"?¿

I’m creating a flow for personal finances. I have a template to insert expenses blocks and get it from a query.
I have a meta page named “Expenses - 2024 June” with several queries filtering by date June and it’s all ok.

Now I want to duplicate the page to create “Expenses - 2024 July”

I have to go query by query inside this page, changing the month and year of each query inside to filter only for the month it corresponds. I can do it manually, is not too much at all but it’s a good exercise to learn what can be done with logseq ecosystem, because this can be usefull for me when I dive into executing python/JS custom code

Possible solution
I though that maybe, I can add a property to this pages named month and year, and use this values as “variables” inside the queries replacing the month and year respectively in the dates. This way when I duplicate the page I only have to set both properties to the correct value and is done.

Makes sense? Better ways to do it?

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With advanced queries, you can pass parameters for e.g. :current-page or :query-page . From that you can read the desired property into a variable and use it in any other expression. Dates are more tricky than other values, but can be used nevertheless.