Journal pages behaviour

Will it possible not to save empty journals pages? There are days I have no entries, yet the empty pages are kept, because the application was open, or was opened, that day. Is there a hidden setting for this, or is the solution to simply delete the empty journal pages left behind? TIA!


Did you work out how to solve this issue @Fastidious ? I am wanting to do the same thing.

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Sadly, not. No helpful reply has been received, and my search returned nothing.

I am not sure if a plug-in could solve this, based on file size.

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I posted about this issue on Discord too a few days ago, but there has been no helpful reply there also. I wonder what folks are doing to get around this. I am sure we are not the only ones who want to do something about this.

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This really bothers me too. I would be interested and grateful to hear if anyone has an idea of how to solve this.

It is doubtful the devs will be interested in adding this feature. It does not reduce complexity, nor make Logseq faster or more stable. It is strictly an aesthetic feature (programmatically speaking the empty file is not bothering anybody, it’s just there). Those are not high on the list.

If you want this feature then you should either: code a plugin yourself, find somebody who is willing to code it for you (it would not be a difficult plugin, list all journal pages that have no content, and delete those), or find more people who are bothered by it, until so many people ask for it that it gets added to the official todo list.

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I stumbled on a workaround I think.

In Logseq Settings > Editor > toggle “Journals” to off
… in addition …
In Logseq Settings > Plugins > Marketplace > install “Journals calendar”

Once you have changed the settings and installed the Journals calendar plugin, a journal entry is made only when you type in a journal entry. The added bonus is that you can view dates when journal entries were made by viewing the icon for the Journals calendar plugin.

Note: Blank journal pages created before these changes still appear. Hats off to the developer of the Journals calendar for this plugin. Thank you! :slight_smile:


One other workaround is to “Re-index” which will remove the indices for all the empty pages. The empty journal entries don’t have actual files under the journals/ directory, so they won’t show up after re-index.

I’m not aware of any risk to re-indexing.


@bottleneck Thanks so much for this workaround. This works much better than what I stumbled on. Thanks again! :slight_smile: