Just another dark theme

Anyone interested in trying out a theme I put together? A few disclaimer:

  1. Only works well for dark mode.
  2. I’m a newb, no background in CS, just tweaking what people have already made.
  3. I claim no credit for this since I just put together themes created by other (logseq-msk-enhanced) (which use many elements from cannibalox and dracula/logseq: :vampire:t2:‍♂ Dark theme for Logseq, and pengx17/logseq-dev-theme: </> Logseq dev theme).

A few feature I like, and which works well for my need with long pages with multiple levels.

  • Different colors for block reference, page reference, internal link, and external link.
  • Different color for different heading levels.
  • I modified bullet threading of pengx17 so that I can hover over a block without having to click it.

You can download the custom.css file here Logseq Dark Theme - Google Drive

Adding a screenshot will be very helpful