Keyboard input slow when saving to an iCloud synced drive

I have 262 pages and just under 3000 journal entries in my logseq which is currently saved to a folder in my iCloud drive. I have been frustrated with keyboard input showing up slow/slightly delayed on the screen. @Bas_Grolleman suggested turning off network access to comparison test. I did, and the delay went away. I agree with him that it seems to be a race condition between typing and saving to disk. I realize that Logseq has its own sync solution, and I may try that (although I don’t know if it’s worth it to me to pay for yet another sync service) but at the very least would be good for users to know about this issue if they are storing their logseq on a synced disk.

So quick add to this, I have seen the issue on my work laptop that has backend backups happening of my Documents folder.

This is not about sync

This is about when to save to disk, I have the feeling it now happens at every character and think it’s better if it would happen in the background or only when people stop typing. That way on slower systems and network drives the performance of Logseq, the feel so to speak, would improve greatly.

But the simplest fix would be, only save when user stops typing or once a minute if they keep going. That way you won’t lose too much data but get a snappier interface.