Keyboard shortcut for displaying spellchecker suggestions? [Desktop app, MacOS]

I love how keyboard driven Logseq is; makes things so much more efficient. One thing that puzzles me though, is how to display spell checker suggestions for a misspelled word. Eg how to achieve, using a keyboard shortcut, the equivalent of right clicking a misspelled word (see screenshot).

Note: this is in the Logseq Desktop app on MacOS

Hello! Did you happen to find a solution? I also find this frustrating

No, I sadly did not find a solution.

Still looking for one, as each time I use LogSeq I need to do this interaction; something that would be so much easier with a keyboard shortcut.

In Windows Shift+F10 simulates a right-click, but the distance between those 2 keys makes it as worse as using the mouse in terms of speed and ergonomics.

This could be bypassed using an AutoHotKey script (again, only Windows, but I’m sure some Mac alteranatives exist), but it feels very wrong to do that for such a simple feature to implement.