Keyboard shortcut for the colorful right-click "headers," not the text-based headers

Problem: is there a keyboard shortcut for applying the h1 h2 h3 colors from right-click menu?
Setup: using default theme (green background), latest 0.10.5

  1. Enter some text at a new bullet point.
  2. Right-click the bullet > choose H3 (for example)

Result: that paragraph is now bright pink. Cool.

Problem: how do I do that without having to right-click on the tiny bullet? If I use “###” for H3 I get text formatting rather than color formatting. So, I guess there two different kinds of “headers”…?

I find that the color formatting (TBH I don’t care if it’s a “header” or not…) is really helpful for distinguishing different types of notes, e.g. literature quote vs my reaction, etc., during a quick scan of a page (and, yes, I also tag the paragraph). Thank you…