Labeled links between pages and blocks?


I’m looking into logseq and coming from an systems engineering background. I wonder if it is possible (don’t seem so, so would like to discuss this as a feature) to make labeled links? It seems today that items can be linked, but not labeled “how” they are linked? I would like to have a tag on the link itself, like “influencing”, “conflicting” or engineering aspects like “powered by”, “contracted to”, “reviewed by”, …

Then it would be great it the graph could be filtered by these attributes, so that one could change viewpoint between these different aspects. Backlinks should then also list the type.

I think this could be used in many contexts.

Maybe there is a way to do this already, I’m just starting looking into this. But I think the concept of links and backlinks are great, but there is more than one type! :slight_smile:

Many thanks for an interesting tool!