Latex Macro Support

Big thanks to the Logseq team to build such a fantastic App! I use it every day to keep track of my research progress. I wonder if it is possible to provide a way to define the Latex macro in a file for all the pages so that I can make a smoother transition to other platforms like LatexStudio and Overleaf.

+1 Ah yes, this would be nice!

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Roam Research introduced something similar recently.

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It seems this is a feature of KaTeX. Maybe Logseq could support this too easily?

If you need LaTeX macro feature without waiting for the official support, you can try out my plugin logseq-display-math which has just included KaTeX custom macro support.

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@Allan_Chain as a heavy LaTeX user, your plugin is really useful, thank you!

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Actually, they are just advertising a feature that’s available in KaTeX. Probably something similar works in Logseq? So in Roam, you have write a \def somewhere within $...$, and have this cell be rendered by LaTeX before any other block, to inform Mathjax / KaTeX of the macro.

Here there is the link for convenience:

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