Latex snippets?

Does Logseq (or a plugin) support Latex snippets?

I’m thinking of something like:

This is a plugin for Obsidian, which provides a set of nice snippets to speedup latex note taking. It also offers a “conceal” feature which means that it will conceal things like \alpha and show the greek letter instead (which helps compress long latex source code in some cases).

This is all inspired by this very nice blog-post, of a similar workflow in VIM: How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim | Gilles Castel

I am just trying out Logseq for the first time, and it seems very nice. So I was wondering if something like this exists. Thanks!

Another setup for fast latex typing, this time in emacs: LaTeX Input for Impatient Scholars | Karthinks.

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