LaTex math expression combined with markdown syntax, not working properly?


**"$=$" means: Always equal**
**"$\neq$" means: May or may not be equal**

this is the code and above is the rendered output. I checked with and it say’s it is written in correct syntax then why it is not rendered correctly ?

  • Interoperability of two different markup languages, neither of which has a common syntax.
    • Issues are likely
      • minimize them by reducing mixing:
        • KaTeX:
$\mathbf{"="} \textbf{ means: Always equal}$
$\mathbf{"\neq"} \textbf{ means: May or may not be equal}$
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Welcome. Here is one more option:

"$\boldsymbol{=}$" **means: Always equal**
"$\boldsymbol{\neq}$" **means: May or may not be equal**

Hey, thanks a lot to both of you for the solutions! While both work just fine, I gotta say @etc’s approach looks a bit more appealing to me. Appreciate you taking the time to help out!

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