Learn to organize myself better with logseq to get things done

I’ve been using logseq for a while now. I really like this software, my organization is a disaster. What’s more, I depend too much on the Internet and I’d like to be able to carry everything without it. I’m a very scattered person.

I tested Obsidian when I discovered logseq, and I liked it. Especially the journal part.

I would like to use the community. Learn to better organize my projects and my knowledge to move things forward.

What I’d like to contribute - I’m currently an apprentice junior developer. I’d like to add features that I’m missing in the future. Like a widget inspired by Trello, Keep or Evernote to quickly add a quick capture on Android.

I will surely make content, Youtube or other in French my mother tongue :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome to the community! Finding a system that works for you is always a bit of a journey so best of luck.

Main tip, don’t overthink it, start with journal habbit first and later think of ways to work back from the results you want to how you enter them.

There, that’s all my videos in a sentence :grin: