Let user choose to open a asset or reveal in finder

When I click a asset in logseq(like a .txt file), it always try to open it.
But what i want is just copy it and send to my workmates.
It’s would be great if we can provide a way to reveal it in finder like this:

Maybe we can add a right click menu to asset link, let user choose what to do, and keep click to open as it’s the most common operation.

Currently right click on a asset link result in “search with google”, which doesn’t make sense in most cases. It seems logseq doesn’t make good use of right click, I wonder is it a tech issue?


I would like to try to implement this feature if we can come to an agreement.

I also would like this feature. I often will drag a file into logseq and use logseq to open the file while I work on it, but when I’m ready to send it to someone I have to go find my assets folder and then do a search for the file name in the link and make sure I’m not accidentally grabbing some other file and then drag it into wherever I’m sending it from. It can feel like a bit of a chore.

+1, frequent use case for me. Just need to open the file location for further processing outside loqseq … any idea how to get to this would be valuable :slightly_smiling_face: