Link markdown auto-closing: problem on the French keyboard

When I use the “FR French (France)” keyboard on Windows to enter [[]], the first stroke ([ by the right Alt key + the key “5”) makes [] as expected, but the second stroke turns this into (())]], if I don’t release the Alt between the strokes.

Apparently Logseq processes this second stroke as being for (. ( is the value of this key without right Alt. For the key’s alternate value, [, Logseq will recognise its typing only for a single pressing of right Alt, ignoring this Alt’s subsequent pressed state: unless right Alt is released and re-pressed, Logseq will take any subsequent typing of the key “5” as being without right Alt, thus (.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, I’m just pointing it out.

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Hi @Miranda_N

Same problem report here.