Link to a local file creates a page with the name of the path

Hi everyone, whenever I create a link to a local file, Logseq creates a page with the name of the path. For example, [link name](file://C:/file.pdf) will create a link that opens the PDF, but it will also create a page called “C:/file.pdf”. Is there a way to prevent that? Thanks

FWIW that doesn’t happen for me on 0.4.1

I just tried it and yes → Logseq search reported a page with the name of the path. (It didn’t create a physical page).

I assume this is a bug.

Re-Index does NOT get rid of this “page” in the search result :frowning:

I am using versions 0.4.4 and this doesn’t happen anymore. It seems to be fixed

I noticed that this problem is happening again with me on version 0.4.9. Can anyone else confirm that? Thanks

This still happens to me on MacOS with version 0.7.5. When I link to an external file, multiple pages get created, each separated by a slash. Re-indexing recreates deleted pages.

Hi @Sarah_C, there is this workaround that I found somewhere, that is to remove the double slash and write the link like this (file:C:/file.pdf). I don’t know why, but it is working for me so far.

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