Linked references not showing in sidebar

Maybe this is a setting but however many block references it says there are Logseq only ever shows 4-6 linked references in the sidebar. This happens for any blocks that have more than 6 references. I’ve reindexed but no luck. Can anyone help?

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 08.00.13

Hmm, don’t quite understand the question:

  • sidebar, left or right one? A specific page, or all pages (in the sidebar)
  • what are you expecting, and what are you seeing now?

Hi, thanks for your time.
The example block I posted shows that there 6 are links to it. When clicked those links should open in the right sidebar. You can see from the picture that under “6 linked references” there are only 4 showing. This is happening whenever there are 6 or more links. Why can’t I see the other 2 links?

Does anyone have an answer to this question? Is it a bug? Surely I should see all 6 linked references underneath?

Sorry for the late reply, you fell through the cracks :wink:

Has the problem been resolved? On my install, I regularly see (way) more than 6 linked references. Did/does updating fix your issue?