Linking Annotations to another page

Hi All,

I have set up a great template for each unit of my studies. It links all the documents for each week into the one place. However, I cannot seem to link the annotations page for PDF’s to the page where everything else is located.

For example I have the lecture notes linked in PDF. I want to be able to link the annotations page there as well. I don’t want to open the PDF everytime to find the notes.

I would also just set up another page for notes for that week however, I haven’t found a way to link the highlights in the PDF to my notes page.

A solution for either would be fantastic if someone has one.


As you said the highlights are stored in its highlights page and it’s totally valid that you may want to link to this page to look at it directly. But just a word of warning — it sounds like you’re working directly on that page (adding your own notes, etc.) , but it may not be a good idea. I haven’t seen official objection to it yet, but it’s also not the officially suggested way to do it.

So just to play safe as to not lose your notes, I suggest using your own page (or several pages if you want to add the takeaways from the PDF onto different pages; as you said you already set up a template for your studies — so just take notes in the dedicated “unit page” I guess). After you made a highlight, you could quickly drag that highlight onto your working notes page (and then structure it, add your own notes, …) (see demo) You could also use Ctrl+V (demo) to paste the last highlight you just made. (To paste other highlights, right-click that to “copy ref” or drag and drop).

I don’t want to open the PDF everytime to find the notes.

If you do the above, the notes should already be in your own pages which you know where they are.

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Yes, originally I was copying and pasting over to my journal and linking to notes for the unit. However, the highlights page is good as I can have the PDF open as well as the lecture recording. I make notes as I go. It does get messy though and I found it difficult to link in this page. I had a heap of double ups. I think I like your suggestion above.