Linking content and pages

Hi All,

I am very new to Logseq and I have been playing around with different workflows. My understanding is all information should be entered on the Journal homepage. However, I am not understanding how I can link pages together, e.g. there is a link between pages in graph view.

For example I have the following on my Journal page;

  • [[Educational Attainment]] #Barriers
    • [[School Attendance]]
    • Lower school attendance rates, possibly due to factors such as cultural differences, remote location, and familial socioeconomic circumstances.
    • [[Language Barriers]]
    • Challenges in education due to language differences, as English is often not the first language for many Aboriginal children.

I then have another page:

  • [[Incarceration Rates]] #Barriers
    • [[Substance Misuse]]
    • Higher rates of substance misuse, contributing to legal issues and incarceration.
    • [[Systemic Biases]]
    • Potential systemic biases in the criminal justice system leading to higher arrest and incarceration rates.

I want to link Educational Attainment to the Incarceration Rates. I have attempted to write a paragragh about Educational Attainment highlighting the topic as a page as a block under Incarceration Rates. However, there is no link in the graph view. I managed to create a link by writing about Educational Attainment on the Incarcerations pages however, I have been told this is not the correct way?

Cheers Lewis


Prefer using #barrier (and maybe a more specific term).

But not all info should remain there. As notes improve, their position should improve too.

As indicated by the double square brackets, Substance Misuse is a page. Therefore the next block (the descriptive one) should either:

  • be indented
    • but then it would make more sense not to link Substance Misuse and to just use :
  • be moved to the page Substance Misuse
    • If its info is crucial in this context, can still embed the block here.
  • be merged to the previous block like this:

Likewise for the other pairs of blocks. They should not look like a random list under a title, but as an outline of that title.

Write a note that actually links them, i.e. belongs to the one and mentions the other.

Cannot say that a way is wrong, unless providing a better way. Currently the Graph view supports only pages, not other blocks. And this makes sense. Don’t be afraid of moving info away from Journal, when it contains nothing that binds it to a specific date (other than the date that you initially entered it).

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