Linking/syncing iOS and desktop apps via iCloud

I have Logseq iOS on my phone. I have just installed the desktop app on my MacBook. I would like to access my Logseq files from both devices. Not sure of the terminology, I believe I’ve created a graph called “ZK” in iCloud Drive with the app on my phone.

Looking at the iCloud directory on my phone I find a folder called Logseq with three subfolders: “journals,” “logseq,” and “pages.” I don’t find anything named “ZK” in any of them. Looking at iCloud Drive in Finder on my MacBook I don’t see the Logseq folder at all.

First, can I access Logseq files in iCloud Drive from both devices? Second, any ideas why the Logseq directory is not showing up in Finder on the MacBook?

Dont believe this is an option yet. From what I remember reading other post the team said it was having a hard time connecting to Apple’s cloud so it chose to use their own cloud. If you upgrade to the paid version you can use their cloud and have the apps sync. Hope that helps

Thanks. Disappointed that that’s the case. Perhaps I will find a way around it. If not I may sign up for Logseq sync.

But I though Logseq’s sync service was still in beta and possibly not dependable. Or is that no longer the case?

Mine syncs largely fine via iCloud, tho I do get a few bugs now and then. Sometimes it can take a while to show up on both desktop and mobile. When I installed Obsidian it took about a day to show up on both!

Thanks. I’ll stay open to the possibility.

I have the beta with sync feature but sadly still doesn’t support iCloud so I don’t really use it for now. Hopefully this changes in future.