Linking to pages or using block tags for summary of questions

On a day to day basis, I generate new ‘QnA’ blocks in my daily journal that I would like to add to a master page of QnA. For example the block could be a question with sub points as the answer to the question. I want to have a page which shows a summary of all these questions. Should I structure the block as

  • [[QnA]]

    • Question

      • Answer


  • Question

    • type:: QnA

    • Answer


  • There are multiple options with various advantages and disadvantages.
    • In other words, it depends on how you plan to use your graph.
  • But if they are limited to the two that you mentioned, then if you want the summary (or rather the collection) as:
    • a page (of linked references): should go with the first option
    • a query (to avoid unnecessary links): should go with the second option, but should merge block type:: QnA into block Question

Is there a documentation page where I can learn more about the various options available? If not could you point me to some keywords? .

  • I’m not aware of any documentation that specializes in your scenario.
  • General terms that would help in your decision could be:
    • workflow
    • backlinks
    • queries
    • properties
  • Searching for such general terms can bring too many results.
  • Moreover, chances are that as you gain experience you will reconsider your choices anyway.
    • This is in the nature of knowledge management.
    • What now looks as an annoying lack of orientation, later looks as a relief that your changing needs don’t need a change of tool.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to experiment with different ways.
    • Don’t bother getting it right on first effort.

Couple of months ago, I did a comparison of the FAQ implementation options in Logseq.
Reference: Discord

Have a look.

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