List of all avaiable tags with counts

Hi, I am new to Logseq coming from Obsidian. I am still exploring all features available in Logseq but I am curious how can I get the list of all tags with counts (number of articles tagged). Thank you.

I’d love something like obsidian’s tag pane in logseq too.

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Another vote for the obsidian tag panel.

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Out of curiosity, I would be interested to know what this information could be used for?


This list would help with not creating new tags when I’ve already created ones, like when I already have one called #project not to create another #projects, or having #pets instead of #dogs, or #meetingnotes, #meeting-notes, and #meeting_notes. It may also help when trying to consolidate tags & pages for MOC creation. I realize that auto-complete somewhat helps, but it won’t catch everything, and sometimes it’s not listed immediately or is drowned out by similar listings.

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