List of special properties and tags

Hello Logseq community!

I am implementing a parser for Logseq’s flavor of Markdown, and I wanted to find a list of all “special” properties. What I mean: for example, there is tags:: which adds another section to the pages tagged by other pages. Or title:: (is it deprecated, btw?). id:: is used for block referencing, as far as I understand.

So, is there a place where I can find all of properties having a special meaning for the Logseq?

Also (maybe not relevant for the first quest), while using Agenda plugin I discovered that there is a construction like

foo: bar

Is it considered a properties block too? I think not really, but then how it is called?

And the last thing: there are also tags with special meaning - is there a list of all of them too?

For built-in:

  • properties: they are described in documentation here
  • tags:
    • open the Graph view
    • go to the Nodes menu
    • enable switch Built-in pages