LLaMa & Alpaca in Logseq

I am interested to use Alpaca LM in Logseq.
Similarly to GPT3 plugin with API keys of OpenAI.

Here is the instructions how to run LLaMa and Alpaca:

I am not a programmer and didn’t find yet way to integrate Alpaca in Logseq API.
I’ll glad to your advice.
Thank you!



Afternoon! Version 0.2.0 of GitHub - logseq/rdf-export: Export a logseq graph to RDF, a github action and CLI for exporting to RDF, was released! This release adds support for exporting down to the block level and config options to allow rdf exports to be fed to LLMs. See rdf-export/CHANGELOG.md at main · logseq/rdf-export · GitHub for more