Local markdown file has text, but not rendering in Logseq

I created a “Weekly Review for Feb 11th 2022” page at the end of last week. I use a template that I then fill in responses to.

I just opened that page in Logseq, and it is empty. I just confirmed, though, that the local file it is reading from (at pages/Weekly Review for Feb 11th 2022.md) has the expected text.

Any one know what might be going on here?

First thing, do a “re-index” in Logseq to refresh its database.

If that does not help, Check to see if there are ID block properties that are in your file that occur elsewhere (duplicate ID’s)?

I’ve noticed that Logseq will stop rendering a page/file when it encounters an ID property that has already been used.

If that’s not the case any chance you could provide the file? We might be able to see what is going wrong.

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You were right, it was the duplicate ID fields that I didn’t see until you mentioned it. Once I removed id::, the page successfully rendered. Thank you so much for your help!!

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