Logbook archiving, aka help my task block is getting too big?!

First a caveat, no I don’t use timetracking (anymore).

 :feature/enable-timetracking? false
 ;; logbook configuration.
 {:with-second-support? false ;limit logbook to minutes, seconds will be eliminated
  :enabled-in-all-blocks false ;display logbook in all blocks after timetracking
  :enabled-in-timestamped-blocks false ;don't display logbook at all

How I have come to use the logbook:

When you have a repeating task, it will generate a logbook.

- TODO [#X] 🌟 Wajas : Daily Pear game
	  SCHEDULED: <2024-04-19 Fri .+1d>
	  collapsed:: true
	  * State "DONE" from "TODO" [2023-09-30 Sat 07:48]
	  * State "DONE" from "TODO" [2024-04-18 Thu 08:42]

Yes there’s a line for each day between those two dates.

Then on my journal page I have a query to get the tasks I completed that day. Specifically the tasks that repeat daily.

  {:title [:mark "✅ Dagelijkse taakjes"]
   :inputs [:query-page]
   :query [:find (pull ?b [*])
    :in $ ?page
     [?p :block/name ?page]
     [?p :block/journal-day ?dag]
     [(str ?dag) ?strdag]
     [(subs ?strdag 0 4) ?jt]
     [(subs ?strdag 4 6) ?mt]
     [(subs ?strdag 6) ?dt]
     [(str "* State \"DONE\" from \"TODO\" [" ?jt "-" ?mt "-" ?dt) ?strtodo]
     [(str "* State \"DONE\" from \"DOING\" [" ?jt "-" ?mt "-" ?dt) ?strdoing]
     [?b :block/priority "X"]
     [?b :block/marker _]
     [?b :block/content ?c]
       [(clojure.string/includes? ?c ?strtodo)]
       [(clojure.string/includes? ?c ?strdoing)]
   :result-transform (fn [result] (sort-by (fn [r] (get r :block/content)) result) )
   :view (fn [result]
      [r result
        :let [c (get r :block/content)]
        :let [line (first (str/split-lines c))]
        :let [clean (str/replace (str/replace line "[[" "") "]]" "")]
        :let [item (str/replace (str/replace (str/replace clean "TODO " "") "[#" "") "] " " : ") ]
      [:li item]
   :group-by-page? false
   :breadcrumb-show? false

The problem:

As of today the above task mentioned has become too big and now Logseq displays the error that the block cannot be edited anymore.
I have two options for this:

  1. Expand the config option to allow more text in a block, and wait for this error to occur again in the future.
  2. Delete/move entries from the logbook to make the block smaller, lose/move my logging, and wait for this error to occur again in the future.

What I would like to see:

It would be nice to have some sort of (automatic) archiving feature.
So that,

  1. I keep my records for my journal queries
  2. I don’t need to manually deal with an ever expanding logbook across multiple tasks
    a. As this will happen for any of my repeating tasks, given time.