Logbook entries shouldn't make blocks exceed max length

So here’s a silly thing my boyfriend ran into this morning. His task gave the error of exceeding the max length.

I couldn’t find a topic on the forum about this, but I would be surprised if no one else ran into this.

So what happens is that the logbook gets so big that it is bigger than the max-length from the config.

Here’s an example of me replicating this issue.

I understand why this happens, but I feel like it shouldn’t happen.
I solved it for my boyfriend by just updating the max-length to twice as much. But that is just a short term solution. A few weeks from now he’ll have the same problem.

He could manually go into the file and delete logbook entries, but that seems very counter intuitive.

In my opinion logbook entries shouldn’t count towards max length, because we cannot even edit them in the first place!
And even if we could, having to purge them just to keep our app working is problematic.

(Ps. This is a task that repeats daily for him so nothing super weird I’d say)