Logical problems with block reference

Logseq version: win-x64-0.5.8

Step 1:

Write a block in a Journals containing [[key1]] [[key2]] and #tag1

Step 2:

Create a page including that block reference.

Current, block and page relationships:

In fact, the page references the block (page and block are directly related to each other), but the reference contains [[key1]] and [[key2]] and #tag1, so it means the page contains the [[key1]] [[key2]] and #tag1. Logseq fails to show the relationship between the page and [[key1]] [[key2]] and #tag1.

In my opinion, they should be related as follows:

Maybe this should be considered a feature request, but I think it falls into the category of missing basic functionality.

Block embed has the same problem.

When I thought about it again, I realized that if I added these relationships in, it would make the referencing relationships too confusing and didn’t seem like a good way to go.