Logseq Advanced Query Help needed

I’ve written a query as follows:

{{query (and(property tags paper)(property tags [[MSc Thesis]] ))}}

The problem is that in output I’m facing the problem of the row of the table being too long to be read easily. The problem I’m facing is also present as issue on GitHub.
According to the issue, the advanced query is correctly displayed: I want to take this opportunity to start using them, but also reading the documentation page on advanced query I’m still struggling:
Each paper is present as a block (from template), with multiple tags. I would like to select those papers with tags “paper” and “MSc Thesis”, and display only properties “link”, “authors”, title" of that block as columns of the resulting table.

Learning advanced queries would be wise, but have you tried changing the setting of the simple query’s resulting table from the top-right cogwheel :gear: , to select only link, authors and title?

Yes, already tried, but the rows don’t adapt to page width: an horizontal scroll appears, making it difficult to read. I would like to find a way to display the table as a normal table (each row fits the width of a page). This problem seems not appearing with advanced queries.
The problem is that for example if I have a long title, authors are not visible unless I perform an horizontal scroll

One more (drastic) option before advanced queries, would be to put the following rule in file custom.css:

.table-auto .whitespace-nowrap {
  white-space: normal

Didn’t think to that … this worked, thanks a lot!