Logseq Android App crashes since Versoin 0.10.6

My Logseq Android App crashes since Versoin 0.10.6
I just updated to 0.10.7 and have the same issue still.

I use Logseq Sync.

A Github Post about 0.10.6 is here:

Otherwise not many people seem to have the same issue, for i didn´t find any other post about it.


Have you tried the usual things like clearing cache and data of the app? I know it doesn’t help you but at least for me the Android 0.10.6. Works fine both on a phone and a tablet. So I suspect something on your phone

Knowing that it works for you does help. I also tried everything you said and the app worked for as long as i didn’t try to sync. As soon as i logged in my Graph it wanted to sync and then it crashed.

I didn’t realise your issue seems related to sync. I don’t use Logseq sync so this may be why it works for me

Definitly seems to be a syncing issue. I tried several older android versions and they all crash as soon as try to sync.

Update: I too was a victim of the already known special-character-in-page-name error. After going through all my pages (which are a lot) i found one that seem to have caused the crash with having “It’s” in filename.