LogSeq as a dream come true / Hi from Berlin!

Hi! I’m Till. I’m a father of two, trained communication scientist, self-taught data and dev halfwit and a strategy consultant. I do a lot of research both professionally and on my personal interests. I have been fascinated with PKM for quite a long time and have been searching for the right tool for “networked thought” ever since. I dreamt of

  • markdown
  • bidirectional links (“my own Wikipedia”)
  • auto-linked tags
  • graph with ability to analyze connections
    but that didn’t exist.

My history of tools instead:

  • hand-written notebooks of all sorts
  • MediaWiki on my own server (close to my ideal but too cumbersome for my personal use, especially with 2005 internet connection)
  • Evernote
  • OneNote
  • Roam (since end of 2020)
  • Logseq (since right now)

I am impressed to see how far along LogSeq is and how close it comes to the PKM software of my dreams. At the same time, tbh, I am terrified when I see duplicate or empty pages after syncing with iCloud. However, I plunged ahead and migrated from Roam to LogSeq and I’d like to thank the developers for making this great piece software available. I’m not overstating: You are doing a great service to mankind!



To better visualize connections in the graph be sure to try “Logseq Graph Analysis” plugin in the plugin library.

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