Logseq Calendars Plugin/ fetching and displaying calendar events

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hey everyone- I just configured the Logseq Calendars Plugin.
The links are all correct, but I cannot import any event. It says “fetching calendar event,” but then nothing comes up. I created some test events for today… still nothing

Any clues on what I might be doing wrong? Cheers!

If you open the link in a browser does it download a file?

Thank you for your reply.
Indeed - it downloads the ics link, this is why its weird that it does not open in Logseq.

Are you using a non-default ‘Preferred date format’ in Logseq’s Settings? Some date formats will cause the plugin’s fetch to fail: parsing calendar with changed prefered data format · Issue #9 · sawhney17/logseq-calendars-plugin · GitHub

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I see I see. What is the format that finally worked for you? When I change the settings it still says fetching items without fetching anything :frowning:
And that is for both Google and Apple calendars.