Logseq Cloud ? my wish for the evolution of logseq sync

so we have Logseq Sync that lets users synchronize their graphs across multiple devices.
Why not expand to a full-featured cloud service for companies and pro users ?
I’d love to use a Logseq Cloud !


features / benefits :

  • host your graph online securely => cloud service
  • serve users graphs from logseq’s “own” servers, so users can access their files via any web browser from anywhere in the world => ease of access
  • send an email to username__graph@logseq.com to create new notes in your graph (or run commands) => easy and fast workflow for quick notes
  • enable AI assistant powered by the distant servers => empower users
  • host assets and big files online (instead of duplicating pdfs and media on all the synced devices) => save space
  • direct publish => graph is already hosted, public pages are served at logseq.com/username, (logseq branded for free accounts with possibility to remove branding and use a domain alias for paid users)
  • save and share blocks from logseq (public) graphs

that would NOT replace the local-first / privacy-conscious motto, but rather complement the existing Logseq Sync, building on the existing infrastructure to develop it into a more fully-fledged cloud service that caters to specific users.

tiers sample:

  • free test account: 1 graph, 50 mb, no AI, 3 months
  • xx usd/month lift time-limit, get 200mb
  • xx usd/month more storage, more graphs
  • xxx usd/month unlimited, includes Sync, includes AI assistant

As a logseq user, I would be interested in all the features above.
Currently I use syncthing to sync my devices, pcloud and a nas to store and serve my assets, github, hugo or mkdocs to publish graphs, ifttt / make to sync services… If there was a native Logseq solution that is seamless, reliable and fast, I would gladly dump all of this and subscribe !

great ideaaaaaaaaaaaa!